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Thomas F. McManus
Size: 30" x 50", acrylic
Price: $40,000

Artist: Peter Vincent

Peter Vincent’s maritime paintings portray Cape Ann’s rich seafaring history. His keen interest in the workaday world of the Essex-built ships that plied the Atlantic fishing grounds a hundred years ago comes through with a striking realism in his art. Yet there is also an atmospheric subtlety, or a special magic in the way his brush shapes the light at sea, the ropes and the planks of the ships, the waves, and above all, the people.
Vincent paintings are in many private and museum collections, and have received many accolades, including Mystic Seaport’s Thomas M. Hoyne III award, given for outstanding historical painting of the New England fisheries. “Atlantic Moon”, which depicts 19th century schoonermen working on the Grand Banks at nightfall, received the 1996 Hoyne award.
While he is known for his paintings of the storm-roughened faces of the fishermen and the dangerous world in which they labored, other Vincent works have focused on the unique beauty – and mystery – of life at the Atlantic shoreline.
Most Vincent paintings are done in acrylic. The artist also has done many pen-and-ink works on marine subjects, as well as original graphics, including a large copper-plate etching and several drawings for Hallmark’s limited-edition book, “With All Possible Sails Set.” The book commemorates the clipper ship Flying Cloud and its record-setting 1851 voyage from New York to San Francisco.
The Copley Society and the Rockport Art Association are among several arts organizations that have honored Vincent and shown his works. His painting of Howard Blackburn – the Gloucester doryman who was lost at sea for many days – is in the collection of the Cape Ann Historical Association museum.
Born in 1946 in Stamford, Ct., Vincent received formal art education at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as a five-year diploma student. It’ll come as no surprise that the artist is a fine sailor, too.