Gloucester Writes is a collaborative of authors writing on or about Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

Gloucester Writes participating authors include:


Kathleen Valentine*
The Old Mermaid's Tale     •    Watch the Video
Parlez-Moi Press, ISBN: 0978594061, Price $17.00

When Clair Wagner begins college in Port Presque Isle she dreams of meeting a "handsome sailor with the constellations of the Northern Seas in his eyes". Into her life comes Pio, a beautiful Italian fisherman, who dreams of life on the big lakes under the aurora borealis. She meets Gary, the dashing son of a wealthy shipping magnate, who introduces her to Canal Street where she encounters The Old Mermaid Inn, a tavern that, as Gary tells her, "deserves its reputation". But The Old Mermaid Inn, with its giant painting of a seductive mermaid, is home to some fascinating people including Tessie, the owner and original mermaid, and the intriguing Baptiste, a Breton mariner injured in a shipwreck, who earns his living as a musician. More... Read the first chapter free...

Ronald H. Gilson
An Island No More: Memoir, The Gloucester I Knew
Publisher: Ronald H. Gilson

Readers of An Island No More will immediately recognize this memoir as no routine historical account of Gloucester. It is a deeply moving essay of an author’s experience of the fishing industry as it affected the everyday life of its citizens. Gilson transports the reader into decades that cover depression, war, prosperity and, finally, decline. Gilson’s story is a poignant personal insight into many vignettes of the characters which fill his historical account.
Larry Ingersoll
Behind the Badge: A History of the Gloucester Police Department
Dogtown Books, ISBN 0-9719387-1, Price: $40 each, Discounted to $25/$30 per volume.

Drawing from city archives and contemporary newspaper stories, Gloucester Police Officers Larry Ingersoll and Mark Foote spent 15 years assembling this day-by-day account of the Gloucester police doing their jobs. The chores range from the routine to the heroic, and the result is a picture of policing as it was in an American town in times past. The social history of the community is seen through the duties of the police.
Lila Swift Monell
Split Image Focus: The Poetry of Lila Swift Monell
Parlez-Moi Press, ISBN : 0-9657717-1-7 Price: $12.00
Foreword by Dorothy A. Brown, Preface by Beverly Quint

This beautifully designed book contains a hundred of Lila's poems as well as her own photographs of Martha Graham and Auntie Also, two of her beloved pet guinea fowl (that's four faces of Martha Graham on the cover.) Several of the pages are also decorated with Lila's line drawings.
Susan Oleksiw*
A Murderous Innocence
A Mellingham Mystery featuring Chief of Police Joe Silva
Five Star Mystery, ISBN 1-5941-4375-7, Price

Joe Silva confronts the high cost of modern medicine and the new legal but lethal drugs seeping into Mellingham and even his own new family. The fifth in this highly rated series portrays the dark side of the perfect town, and the suffering behind the gated walls.

Kathleen Valentine*
My Last Romance and other passions
Parlez-Moi Press, ISBN: 0-9785940-5-3, Price $12.00

Eight stories with a common theme... the wonder of finding love... that sweep the reader into sensuous worlds where ordinary people discover, or rediscover, love. Foolish love, forbidden love, married love – even murderous love, each story is a seductive jewel populated with characters that seem like someone we could know – or someone we could be. Read the story "Flynnie & Babe" free.

Level Best Books
Seasmoke: Crime Stories By New England Writers
Level Best Books, ISBN: 0-9700984-3-X, Price: $15

Crimes, capers, and mayhem abound when twenty-three New England writers turn their talents to the art of the short story. Along with traditional mystery shorts, this intriguing collection by notable and new authors includes comic misadventures, suspense-filled dramas, psychological thrillers, tales of danger and rescue, gritty detective stories, and stories of revenge and redemption ––something for everyone.
Greg Palast, Jerrold Oppenheim, and Theo MacGregor
Democracy and Regulation
PlutoPress, ISBN: 0-7453-1942-4, $25

Middle Street residents Oppenheim and MacGregor, with investigative journalist Palast, have written a practical guide that tells why citizen action is needed to reverse deregulation of the electricity and natural gas industries -- and how to do it. Winner of the ACLU's Upton Sinclair Award!
Joseph M. Orlando
The Fisherman's Son / The Bastard's Weapon
Xlibris, ISBN: 1413446582 / 1425712894, Price: $19.95

The first two volumes in attorney Joseph M. Orlando's Gloucester Trilogy, these legal thrillers are set in Gloucester, Massachusetts. John Palermo was raised among Italian fishermen and is now an attorney working on behalf of local fishermen fighting big insurance companies. These books have won critical recognition nationwide.

*seARTS Members

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