A collection of knitting patterns downloadable from Ravelry in PDF format.

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Pooling-On-Purpose Project
Knit Your Tail Off, Vol.1

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Sumptuous Silk Bags
Knit Your Tail Off, Vol.2

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The Mermaid Shawl & other Beauties
Shawls, Cocoons & Wraps

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Pooling-On-Purpose Ruana/Shawl & Kimono Jacket

Shown here knit in cotton chenille. Pattern includes directions on how to "pool" (get colors to collect in one place) plus directions/diagrams for the ruana/shawl, the kimono jacket, and a wrap (not shown)

These patterns are in The Pooling-On-Purpose Project available for Kindle.

The Mermaid Shawl & other Beauties: Shawls, Cocoons & Wraps
Over a dozen designs in four shapes plus tips, tricks, advice and a romantic short story.
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Entrelac Tote Bag

Shown here knit in silk

This pattern is now part of Sumptuous Silk Bags: Knit Your Tail Off, Volume 2. You may purchase the entire booklet by clicking this Buy Now button or the one above. (They are the same.)

This pattern is inluded in Sumptuous Silk Bags available for Kindle.

Rose Shearwater Wrap
Shown here knit in silk/alpaca

Slinky Silver Shrug

Shown here knit in metallic/rayon

My Raspberry Beret

Shown here knit in angora

Two Seamen's Scarves

Shown here knit in Laine du Nord's Maxi Wool

Fry Bacon. Add Onions: The Valentine Family & Friends Cookbook
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Recipes and Memories from a Pennsylvania Dutch Childhood includes 400 recipes and 30+ essays

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The next booklet in Kathleen Valentine's Knit Your Tail Off series is Part 3, Learn-To-Lace Marketing Bags. If you are a knitter who longs to try making lace but is nervous about where to begin this is the perfect books for you. These simple bags (5 marketing bags and 1 beach bag) are knit from easy to work with rayon (but you are welcome to substitute acrylic, jute, or any sturdy yarn) and lead you step by step through the simplest of lace patterns through progressively more skillful patterns until you successfully learn-to-lace. Because you are just making marketing bags, if you make a mistake, no one will care. This volume will be available for cool summer on-the-porch knitting.

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