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The Pooling-On-Purpose Project
Knit Your Tail Off, Vol.1
Offers instruction on working with hand-painted yarn and forcing colors to "pool". Booklet includes instructions for scarf, wrap, ruana and kimono.
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Sumptuous Silk Bags
Knit Your Tail Off, Vol. 2
Offers directions for knitting three bags from silk or any other fiber. It includes information on working with silk fibers and detailed instructions for knitting entrelac.
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The Old Mermaid's Tale: A Romance of the Great Lakes

My Last Romance & other
(short stories)

The Mermaid Shawl
& other Beauties

(lace knitwear design )

Each Angel Burns


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The new expanded and redesigned edition of
Fry Bacon. Add Onions: The Valentine Family & Friends Cookbook:
five generations of good eating

is now available to be ordered online:
  • Paperback: 178 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0978594045
  • ISBN-13: 978-097859404

In this combination memoir and family cookbook blogger and novelist Kathleen Valentine combines 30 posts from her blog with nearly 400 recipes collected from family and friends. Growing up in a "mostly Pennsylvania Dutch" family she collected and recorded recipes from grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, cousins, friends, etc. which were combined in the first Valentine Family & Friends Cookbook published in 1981. This was expanded in the 1992 edition and now, in this third edition, nearly 400 recipes combine with essays recording memories of growing up in rural Pennsylvania and photographs from six generations.

Essays topics include making sauerkraut and soltz (sultz) (a German pickled meat loaf), toasting marshmallows and catching fireflies, the old-country Christmas traditions of making stollen and visits from Belsnickle, old world ghost stories, their grandmother's quilts, and more.

Traditional family recipes include schmarn, panhaas, moultasha, a variety of sausage recipes, hassenpfeffer, and liver dumplings, a wide variety of pickles and relishes, as well as keuchels (a type of fried dough), apple dumplings, and rhubarb crisps and pies. Contemporary recipes from the younger generations of the Valentine family expand the collection with everything from dips and cocktails to chowders, cakes and cookies. Among the more popular recipes first featured on Valentine's blog are:

  • three maple syrup pies
  • apricot-apple crisp with maple cream
  • caramel peachy-pear pandowdy
  • honey & white peach pie
  • Pennsylvania Dutch hot and sour soup
Though this collection is a memoir in food of the Valentine family it could be the story of any first, second and third generation immigrant family.







#1 Top Rated Lace Knitting book &
#20 Top Rated Needlework book on Kindle

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Worth every cent, In my opinion. This is one I will read and re-read. - MMario on Knitter's Review.

I just purchased and downloaded your e-book. How fabulous it is!!! The download was easy and zippy fast. - kknitterkc on Ravelry

Just got my hands on your e-book "Mermaid Shawls", and am absolutely delighted! Thanks for all the tips, suggestions ~ and heart ~ that are in the book. It is wonderful!

- KathyO in Ferndale, WA

I just bought your book, after looking at the inside. It is just what I have been looking for, Your illustrations and  commentary have eased my fear of starting a shawl.
- Margaret in Canada

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The Mermaid Shawl & other Beauties: Shawls, Cocoons and Wraps
by Kathleen Valentine

Why do what has already been done? More than a book of patterns, The Mermaid Shawl & other Beauties, is designed to help knitters create their own works of knitted lace art. The featured shawl was introduced in 2005 on Kathleen Valentine’s blog and subsequently described in a knit-along but throughout the knit-along Valentine encouraged knitters to make different choices to make their shawl unique to them. Now, using the same principles, she offers techniques, diagrams, charts and tips that offer knitters the opportunity to make choices and decisions that will make each shawl their own unique creation. The book contains instruction for three versatile shawl styles, how to turn a rectangular shawl into a cocoon, a chapter on knitting on the bias, and an original short-story, The Mermaid Shawl*, inspired by the featured shawl.


The Mermaid Shawl shown here knit in suri alpaca.

Emily's Shawl shown here knit in wool-angora.

Beth's Shawl, shown here knit in silk-cashmere.

The Shawl of Falling Leaves and Shooting Stars shown here knit in Andean wool.

The Black Cashmere Cocoon shown here knit in cashmere-silk.

The Sampler Stole shown here knit in silk-mohair.

The Rose Shearwater Wrap shown here knit in alpaca-silk.

The Silk Chenille Wrap shown here knit in rayon-silk chenille.



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KNIT YOUR TAIL OFF is a collection of individual patterns available for download.



About the Author

Kathleen Valentine is the author of a collection of short stories My Last Romance and other passions and The Old Mermaid's Tale: A Novel of the Great Lakes and Each Angel Burns: A Novel of Faith & Passion. Her crime short stories have been published in Level Best Books’ annual anthology of crime stories by New England Writers. She has published articles about art in such magazines as American Art Review. Her blog at Parlez-Moi Blog has been read by thousands of readers since its beginning in July 2005.

She currently lives in
Gloucester, Massachusetts,
America’s oldest seaport.


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