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Postcards from My Last Romance

Sunlit Waves on Gloucester's Back shore Sunlit Blue Clouds Swan Babies at Niles Pond on Eastern Point Eastern Point Lighthouse, Gloucester Pirate's Lane Garden, Gloucester Draggers in New Bedford Harbor
Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn, Pennsylvania          

Postcards from F/V Black Sheep
Gloucester's City Hall at sunset Waves on Good Harbor Beach with Thacher Island on the Horizon Man at the Wheel Gloucester's Famous Fisherman Memorial Sinlit Wave in Brace's Cove Thacher Island

Postcards by Dun Fudgin
The very talented photographer who shot the photo for the front cover of F/V Black Sheep uses the
"nom de photo", Dun Fudgin. Below are a selection of postcards he took around Gloucester Harbor.
These photographs are available for sale as enlargements. Click here for more info.

Ducks in the Harbor Tuba Reflections Harbor Swans Waves on the Back Shore Friendship Sloop Schooner Thomas E. Lannon
Schooner Festival Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center and rainbow Old Tug Boats Chrissy Rounds Eastern Point Lighthouse Gloucester Fisherman in Snow Sunset over Smith's Cove
Picton castle Dragger headed home Gloucester Paint Factory Heron at Piatt Andrew Bridge Fishing Boats inthe Snow Sunset over Gloucester


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